Flatulent cockroaches adapt to climate change

It seems cockroaches are quite adaptable creatures when it comes to climate change according to recent

Descendants of Cretaceous cockroaches remain pests

Cockroaches that we recognise today date back to the early Cretaceous Era, about 150 million years

Woodworm – ‘frass’-inating …

A number of terms exist to describe waste material from creatures – droppings, faeces or dung

Condensation is in the air

Condensation can affect properties of any age or size. It is more problematic in buildings that

Rodents disturbed by construction work can be a problem on building sites

When a major construction project occurs, particularly on greenfield sites it can frequently disturb rats that

Rodents moving into empty homes

With temperatures expected to plummet as low as -15C in parts of the UK over the coming