10 Ways to help ensure food safety

Anyone associated with food will know, safety is vitally important when operating within the food industry, especially for food processing businesses. Adhering to the necessary food safety standards and regulations can help prevent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses such as Salmonella, E.coli and Campylocbacter.

food-safety-tech-supermarketThere are 10 areas you can focus on that will help to ensure that food safety is a constant priority to your business:

  1. Facilities location and design
  2. Machinery and production line design
  3. Pest Control
  4. Waste Management
  5. Cleaning
  6. Maintenance
  7. Personal hygiene
  8. Environmental hygiene
  9. Correct handling, storage & transport
  10. Staff training

Food processors don’t just have to produce safe products, they have to be able to prove to the relevant authorities that their procedures, processes and facilities can ensure food safety and comply with food safety regulations and legislation, through effective management, monitoring, action and documentation.

Relevant measures must be put in place to ensure safety is maintained at all points in the production process by achieving a series of ‘prerequisites’ following established Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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