60,000 Complaints About Rats in Birmingham

Stop rats entering your homeThe Birmingham Mail ran an interesting story today on the number of rats dealt with by Birmingham City Council’s pest control department.

From January 2008-Dec 2010 a total of 44,000 complaints were made about rats spotted in gardens and 14,000 complaints about rats in houses. Eek! That’s a lot of rats! However there is good news about rat infestations. The national rodent control survey published this year by the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) announced that the UK rat population has declined by 51%. An estimated 445,000 local authority rodent treatments across the UK took place in 2010.

The paper also reported that Birmingham City Council’s pest control department received around 55 complaints every day over a three-year period.

The worst infested part of Birmingham is Washwood Heath, a densely-populated area with lots of takeaways. Rat populations explode when there is available food to feed them. Then when temperatures start to drop, rats search for warmth and shelter such as your nice cosy home. They can sneak in via pipework, up a drainpipe or a small hole; so before the cold sets in take a good look at your property and make good any necessary repairs.

3 Simple Measures To Stop Rats

Don’t over-feed garden birds

Secure household waste

Keep your compost bin sealed

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