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Rentokil Technician SamAs part of the UKWaspWatch campaign, I decided some first hand wasp nest experience was just what I required, so I organised a day out with one of our London technicians Sam.

The day started at 8am with an external routine visit for rodent activity. We also had three wasps’ nest treatments booked in for the day, plus some routine visits. First stop was a local school where we found evidence of mice activity. Baits were replenished and a follow up booked-in for next week. After one more routine visit it was time to treat the wasps.

I personally have never seen a wasp nest or treatment so was quite looking forward to the day. Our first stop was a private home in West London. Sam had treated two nests at this property recently, and now a third had been found in the loft. Within seconds of popping his head up into the loft, Sam established that it was too dangerous for us to enter and that the treatment must be done from outside. We got the gear, including a selection of extension poles and identified the entrance point which turned out to be a loose tile on the roof. He sent his nozzle up at least 10 meters, into the entrance point and completed the treatment. He advised the client that the wasps would be dead within two hours and that the powder would remain in the nest, which will ensure any survivors will not return.

Sam treating a wasp nestThe next stop was another private home where we could physically see hundred of wasps flying in and out of the brickwork. It must have been quite a big nest! Again out came the extension poles, in went the treatment, bringing an end to the nest. The client advised that many of her neighbours had had wasp nest treatments done recently, so it was obviously a popular choice of location. We arrived at our final wasp nest treatment for the day and found the problem in the bathroom vent, thank goodness they weren’t able to fit through the gap and enter the client’s home! Sam carried out the treatment from in the bathroom, although we could see them entering from outside, this was the best access point. The client was absolutely relieved to have the problem sorted as she had been too scared to let her grandchildren play outside.

I really enjoyed my day out on the road with Sam, although I didn’t actually see a nest, I got to see three different treatments. I was amazed at how quickly the treatment works, and Sam advised me that he had never once been called back for a retreat – that’s how successful the treatment is. I was asked a couple of times if I was out training to be a technician and this got me thinking what a great job our pest control technicians do.  I for one certainly would struggle with some of the things they have to do; Sam is a highly professional, experienced technician, who is very passionate about this job. What a great experience my day out on the road was!

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