A Whole New World

Dry your tears - I am not leaving RentokilNo, not the Disney classic, but the old adage of ‘Nothing lasts forever’ has been played out in many places and many times but readers I can now apply this to myself. No, I’m not leaving (you can dry your tears); the Field Biologist world as we know it is undergoing a radical new change as hinted in the last Blog.

As from Monday 12th November we ceased to be a FB team and got assimilated into our respective area HD teams. This means that our boss Clive is no longer our boss and now the Service Managers also have the dubious tasks of looking after us.

In a way it is sad as you have built up a camaraderie with your team and it will be sad not meeting to discuss problems which can be resolved by people in the same boat; but as the way business changes we have to adapt and survive some might say not unlike the pests we treat!

There are new challenges ahead not just with trying to fit into my new team but with the new Technical team trying to fit in with the company. Through future Blogs I will still try to talk for the FB and try to be informative, and dare I say it amusing at the same time, as I guide you through the new adventure that is being a Field Biologist within Rentokil!!!

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