I Work For Rentokil

I’m Ben and I’m an Advanced Technician for Rentokil Pest Control, working in Central London.

I’ve worked for Rentokil for nearly five years. I love my job, there is something different every day and it always changes. I hope you like reading my posts about the interesting and often challenging situations I have to deal with.

I sort of fell into the job; I used to be a Personal Trainer and Gym Manager. My last job was working for a major gym chain and things were not very amicable between me and my boss, which is why I left. Then I wanted to do something different because I’d been in the fitness industry for many years. Tellovstocames I took the job with Rentokil as a interim measure but, you know what, after the initial training and rubbish starting pay – it’s just been brilliant. It may surprise you to know this, but I hate rats! I can’t stand them. I find them interesting but I tell you what, they can be vicious little things.

Anyway, I’ve got my regular clients and they’re all they are all friendly and pretty level headed actually. I have a great customer care relationship. Coming from the fitness and also hospitality industries means I can get on with all kinds of people really easily, from “Joe Blogs” to “Ms Posh”, if you know what I mean.

I will be commenting on my day to day work as and when I get the time so you can get a bit of a feel for what it means to work as an Advanced Technician or PCO (pest control operative) for Rentokil – the Experts in Pest Control.

Take a look at the main UK website here.

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