Andy Ransom Announced as new Rentokil Initial CEO

Andy Ransom

Andy Ransom will succeed as CEO, Rentokil Initial

We have some very exciting news to share with you. Whilst we are sad that Alan Brown, our Chief Executive Officer, has decided to step down from the company, Andy Ransom, currently Regional Managing Director and Executive Board will step up to the new job and we’re sure he’ll be a great leader. Andy will succeed Alan as CEO on 1st October 2013.

To find out how this will impact the business here are some question and answers.



Why is Alan stepping down from the Company?

Firstly, Alan has a strongly held view that five to six years in one role is optimal and that, in most circumstances, organisations and individuals benefit from fresh challenges after this period of time. He indicated this to the Board when he joined the business and has maintained this view. Secondly, a successor has been found. We undertook a thorough succession planning process including external search, and Andy Ransom was selected. Alan will be available to support Andy to ensure a smooth transition through to January 2014.

Is Alan leaving because there’s an issue with the company’s performance?
There is no issue with the Company’s results – the first half results will be announced on 14 August – performance is anticipated to be in line with market expectations.

Alan Brown steps down as CEO, Rentokil Initial

Alan Brown steps down as CEO, Rentokil Initial

What are Alan’s plans for the future?
His immediate focus is on business as usual and a smooth transition. He will remain as a non-executive director at Intertek plc.

Why did the Board choose Andy?
Andy is an experienced international business leader who is the Regional Managing Director of the West Region which includes all operations in the Americas, Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe. Previously he led the global Rentokil Pest Control and Asia Pac divisions. He understands our growth opportunities, key markets and categories.


Does this mark a change in business strategy and direction?
Alan will be on hand to ensure a smooth transition and it will be business as usual. Andy is passionate about great service through motivated people, operational excellence and creating a successful, winning team to drive the company’s growth agenda.

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