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10 Un-Boring Woodworm Facts

Some might say that the words ‘interesting’ and ‘woodworm’ cannot possibly go together, but you would

Damp, Damp, Damp

And I am not referring to the weather or the stock market. No matter what context

Condensation or Steamy Windows?

I don’t reckon for one moment that Tina Turner’s signature hit of Steamy Windows was meant

Is Your House Falling Down?

Take a regularly flooded cellar, mix with woodworm infested timbers, add in an attack of Masonry

Rising Damp On TV and In Your Home

From the Banana Box to Rising Damp. From Rooksby to Rigsby. Rising Damp seems to be

Wasps – They Can Be Funny After All

Clearly I am not referring to a wasp sting, as that is never funny as I