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The strange life of cluster flies

While having the odd housefly visit in the summer is not often a great cause for concern, cluster flies

How to get rid of unwanted guests in hotels

One of the last things a hotel or restaurant needs is negative publicity in the media. Stories

Helping to put Malaria out of business

The word ‘mosquito’ means ‘little fly’ in Spanish, yet however small this insect maybe, its impact

Rentokil lights the way in fly control with ‘Lumnia’

Rentokil’s Lumnia fly control unit, is a new electronic fly killer (EFK) developed by our in-house

Biocidal product regulations, what you need to know

Thousands of chemicals are used in the vast array of products available for domestic and business

Pestaurant returns to NRB Show for 2017

Rentokil Pestaurant returns to the Northern Restaurant & Bar Show from 21st to 22nd March 2017