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Pest Control for Artefacts

Rentokil are a Corporate Sponsor of the Science Museum- you may remember our recent cockroach tour

Why Do Victorian Houses Have Steps?

Victorian houses are raised to avoid rising damp As well as being a repository for all

Can Bed Bugs Live For A Year Without Feeding?

Adult bed bugs can live for up to a year without feeding. This ‘fact’ is quoted

The Camberley Beetle

We’ve recently had a shake-up here at the UK end of deBugged. The fun-time social media

Do you want flies with that?

ZZZZzzzzzzzt! It’s strangely reassuring, when queuing at a butcher’s or baker’s counter, to hear the noise

Can Cockroaches Survive a Nuclear Blast?

Welcome to another instalment of urban [pest] myths with Matt. This time I’m looking into the