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How Many Flies Are Too Many? Rentokil Fly Testing

The pests that we deal with are unwanted organisms that cause nuisance, damage or disease to

The Development Of Vectrol Control Programmes

As Sunday is World Malaria Day, I thought that readers might be interested to understand a little

International bed bugs week – South Africa – Cape Town 2

Well hello, good morning, and welcome to what will be my final posting of this tour.

International bed bug week – South Africa – Cape Town

Well good evening team; hopefully catching you sipping your Ovaltine just before lights out. Yes it

International bed bug week – South Africa – Johannesburg

Following the success of the first International bed bug week, Dr. Peter Whittall, our Divisional Technical Director,

Invasion of Liprilfrast mosquitoes

During a visit to South Africa today we discovered that Rentokil Botswana is gearing up to