Avoid Flying Into Trouble With Effective Bird Control

Puns aside, bird fouling can be a serious problem.

pigeons_trafalgar_squareTake Trafalgar Square for example, it costs approx. £75k a year to keep it clear of those pesky pigeons (and other birds), their deposits and their nests. To write this post I have just done the ‘google the subject’ thing – and I was surprised at the number of “save the pigeon” type sites I found. Another fact that I didn’t know until today was how nutritious (allegedly!) pigeon poo is – I really don’t wish to test that one out!

I am not disputing the fact that pigeons were used to good effect as carrier pigeons during the 1st and 2nd world wars, delivering vital information behind enemy lines due to theier homing abilities and speed. But when you have huge flocks of birds in one place at one time its an entirely different matter.

On a serious note, there are public health issues (as well as business consequences) surrounding these particular pest problems. The most common diseases that can be spread due to a bird infestation via their droppings include: salmonella (which can result in high temperatures, diarrhoea and blood poisoning) and campylobacter coli (causing an infectious diarrhoeal illness) among many others. Obviously these diseases are a worst case scenario, but there is also the very evident and visible problem – bird fouling and nests can look really dreadful.

So, local councils have to weigh up the balance between protecting their local inhabitants and protecting any historic monuments and buildings with the steps they take to resolve the problem. Not forgetting to mention large indoor areas such as shopping centres or sports venues, where birds can get in and nest in the eaves or even air-conditioning units. Add to the mix tourists’ affinity to birds at major visitor sites, as well as problems which can crop up at small venues too and you have a sensitive issue which needs to be handled discreetly and carefully by a professional pest control company.

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