Babies Dressed As Bugs (And Other Pests)

With Halloween upon us we thought we’d do a post on how to do costumes Rentokil-style. As we deal with a lot of gross things in our day-to-day lives, even here on the blog, we thought we’d go a bit cuter with this post. So here’s a selection of the cutest little rug rats, all dressed up for Halloween!

Baby Bumblebee
This little roly-poly cutey kicks things off with an adorable pose and the sweetest little grin as a bumblebee! The first of a few baBEES (ahem)…

Baby Bumblebee by danoots on Flickr

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Baby
This guy is showing us how it’s done: waiting and watching is what spiders do best. Though admittedly, he’s much cuter than a normal spider…

Spider Baby by NataPics on Flickr

Queen Bee
This little girl looks adorable as a bumble bee. Plus, she looks a bit like Drew Barrymore in ET, doesn’t she?

Queen Bee by drcornelius on Flickr

The Frog Princess
This little tadpole looks adorable in this fleece frog suit. My favourite thing about this photo is the look on her face!

Frog Princess by massdistraction on Flickr

Cootie Pie
Okay, this one isn’t as easily identifiable, but she is cute as a bug, so I’m gonna go with beetle.

Bug eyes by mali mish on Flickr

Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle
This girl is going to grow up to be a great actress. Look how great her turtle movement technique is!

Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle by jenpilot on Flickr

Bat Boy
Three words: Cutest. Bat. Ever.

Bat Boy by conrad.matt on Flickr

Sweet Spider
Do you think her ponytails have been done like that to copy the spider’s legs on her costume?

Sweet spider by pinprick on Flickr

What a stinker!
This outfit is so adorable, and appropriate! Although it did take me a little while to work out this littel boy was dressed as a skunk if I am honest.

What a Stinker! by Tom Simpson on Flickr

Ladybird on Guard Duty
I love the look on her face. It says, “Just try to take this pumpkin. I dare you.” Precisely what you need at this time of year too….

Ladybug on guard duty by mattdm on Flick

Don’t look so glum, sweetie. You’re super-cute.

Frogger by airsign101 on Flickr

Have you got any pictures that can top these?

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