Bed Bugs Get The Rogue Traders Treatment

bed bugYesterday evening on BBC1 Rogue Traders investigated a pest control firm delivering sub-standard and potentially dangerous treatments for bed bugs. I was absolutely horrified.

Spraying the insecticide all over the property owner’s bed with no regard for legislation regarding insecticide usage is not the way to be carrying out pest control treatments.

But what made it even more shocking was that the treatment was carried out before any evidence of the pest problem had been found! Granted the evidence had been planted by the TV crew, but cast nymphal cases, dead bed bugs and faecal/blood “spotting” should be obvious to any qualified pest controller. A professional pest control company with a comprehensive training program for competent use of products by its technicians would never do this. Pest evidence is imperative prior to tackling any pest control problem.

Plus, if you saw the program you will agree that the following three points were most definitely not implemented with respect to good practice:

  • Correct Personal Protective Equipment should be worn,
  • Appropriate products in appropriate doses should be used and applied correctly, and
  • Accurate post-treatment should advice given to the property owner.

Do you check for bed bugs in hotel bedrooms when you travel?If you suspect this kind of bed bug problem either at home, work or even in the hospitality industry – it’s a problem which needs to be resolved – and fast. Bed bugs are prolific breeders and the problems can spread rapidly from room to room and from site to site as you unwittingly transport the bed bugs on your person.

Our best advice is to contact a professional and reputable pest control company to treat and resolve an infestation such as this. Read more tips on avoiding bed bug problems.

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