#pestaurant ‘popping up’ at Writer’s Square, Belfast soon

St Annes Cathedral and Writers Square Belfast PestaurantThe imposing Romanesque St.Anne’s Cathedral has stood watch over Donegall street and the Cathedral Quarter since 1904. It has patiently kept an eye on the “toing and froings” of the people of Belfast. Witnessing everything from the mundane daily commute to the devastation caused by the German bombing of Belfast in 1941.

In 2002 the area in front of St. Anne’s Cathedral was transformed into an urban park and arts centre called Writer’s Square. Taking the rich literary heritage of Belfast as inspiration the square displays 27 quotes from deceased Northern Ireland poets, playwrights and authors such as Lois MacNeice, Stewart Parker and C.S. Lewis. Their quotes are inscribed into the stonework across the square.

The Cathedral and the Square have witnessed many sights over the years, but none will be quite as unusual as the Rentokil #pestaurant, that will be popping up there on Wednesday 4th June 2014.

I do wonder what C.S. Lewis or Lois MacNeice would have made of our pop up #pestaurant. Could we have persuaded them to try curried crickets or would they have succumbed to the delicious smell of freshly barbecued pigeon burger?

On the 4th June we will fire up the barbecue and rustle up our sensational sweet chilli pigeon burger tasters. As well as serving up edible insect delights such as salt & vinegar crickets, mexican spiced mealworms and apple ant candy.

We are aiming to tempt Belfast to try something different for lunch, and give you an opportunity to discuss the food and ask our experts about any pest issues or concerns you may have.

Come and join us  – Rentokil Pestaurant – Writer’s Square, Belfast – 10 am till 3 pm on Wednesday 4th June.


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