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seagullOne of my clients pulled me aside today about a Seagull. It had duffed its wing and they didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know what to do with it! Some people said it was lying out on the pavements but when I got there it was just cowering in an alcove.

I suggested they call the RSPCA and see if they can help it. My customer phoned them who then said to call their Regional Office. Meanwhile I put the bird in a box for them until they got advice from the RSPCA. She told them it seemed to be distressed and hurt, and it was only a baby so the RSPCA agreed to call a vet for them.

That evening, at about 7.30 they left the bird outside in the box I had put it in. When I got back the following morning the security guard said he wasn’t sure what had happened to the bird. Hope it was ok after all that.

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