Break the Fly Breeding Cycle

If you are wondering why there are so many flies buzzing around this summer its because of the soaring temperatures. At 3o degrees celsius a fly can complete its lifecycle in just 10 days.  An adult fly lives for 3-4 weeks and can lay up to 900 eggs in her lifetime – just a few flies can quickly create an infestation which is not good news.

Flies carry a host of diseases including cholera and salmonellosis and it is therefore essential hygiene practice for food preparation areas to employ some method of fly killer. In the home, house flies are not only irritating – they can lay their eggs in uncovered food, creating maggots and also presenting a health risk.

This infographic answers everything you wanted to know about the fly breeding cycle and reinforces the message that prevention is better than cure. For more tips about how to get rid of flies click here.


Fly Infographic

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