Brown rat or house mouse – which did I just see?

WHAT WAS THAT! Scampering across the floor? The first fleeting glance of something furry scurrying along the skirting boards or rummaging in the dustbin can be quite a shock. Brown rats and house mice are different species, but they are related. They descended from a common ancestor that lived millions of yeas ago. So trying to distinguish which rodent has taken up residence in your property can be difficult, especially as young rats and mice can be a similar size.

Below is an info-graphic that highlights 10 differences between brown rats and house mice that can help you to determine who has invaded your home.


Another difference is in the rodents behavior – rats are very cautious, and avoid anything new in their path until they have had time to get use to it. This behavior is known as neophobic. Mice however, are usually curious creatures and will investigate anything new. If you’ve seen signs of mice or rats or the result of their activity, prompt action is needed to get rid of rats and mice to ensure your problem is quickly and effectively treated.

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