A Distinct Lack Of Bugs On Holiday

Day one back at work after a summer holiday is always tough. Your tan fades as you exit the aeroplane and as you sit at your desk the longed for annual summer holiday seems a million miles away. As other blogs have shown, you can never escape pest control, even when you’re on holiday…

Ahh, what bliss. Lounging around all day by the Louis Phaeton Beach Hotel kids pool, only having to get up to do the drinks run and stop the family dehydrating. Every now and again nipping down a water slide to cool down. This was done either with the eldest child on a rubber ring, or racing the husband on a rubber mat (I lost 99% of the time!) all under the watchful eye of a brilliant team of lifeguards (dressed all in red but NOT looking like buff Baywatch extras I hasten to add).

The only thing that was missing was loads of bugs, thank goodness – unlike a summer holiday to Lindos a few years back where I had to share a room with a millipede and a mouse. Each night we dutifully put up a mosquito net around the kids beds as we had read Trip Advisor reports about the terrible bug problems. Lies, all lies. The mosquitoes were clearly so hot that they couldn’t be bothered to fly up the second floor, they stayed at the basement floor rooms having delicious human blood suppers from the guests who had rooms with patio doors leading out onto the grassy areas. The greenery was kept nice and lush with the daily sprinkler system being switched on – so yes there was nice looking grass but loads of mosquitoes due to the moist conditions. Even flies seemed to vacate the premises, I only saw four in the space of 14 days! Oh, and I spotted a solitary millipede approaching the bar one lunchtime, presumably to sample the cocktail of the day. It was a Supernova: white wine and lemonade if you’re interested.

I am also proud to say I am one of the 80% of Britons who returned home NOT to find a pest infestation as I pest-proofed the house before going away on holiday. Before leaving, I emptied the fridge of any fresh produce which would be out of date, bleached all plugholes and both loos, emptied and cleaned the food bins, then washed all kitchen surfaces and floor. I did, however, find a dead spider in the bath – which my lucky husband removed for me. And yes, I am in total agreement with the 67% of people who reportedly despise and fear spiders, bleurgh! (He has now had to remove three FOUR, yes FOUR, massive massive spiders from the living room in the last two months or so while I sit pinned with fear on the sofa. Question: where do they hide prior to scuttling across the living room floor? *shivers*)

I would totally recommend this hotel for anyone looking for a family friendly location. Funds permitting we will be going back at some point but not next year – or next week as the eldest requested. So we might not be so lucky with the bug situation next summer, watch this space…

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