Business of ‘flies’ ?

cluster of fliesIt’s a ‘murder of crows’, a ‘troop of baboons’, a ‘kindle of kittens’, and most bizarrely of all a ‘business of flies’.

Okay, sometimes it’s a ‘swarm of flies’ and other times it’s more like a ‘cloud of flies’. But it’s ironic that anyone should ever use the term business when flies are concerned, as these pests are very bad news for any commercial enterprise.

Put yourself in the mind of a consumer – looking in a cake shop window and being tempted by the tasty treats on offer. But then you see a fly land on the cake and crawl all over it. Suddenly you don’t feel hungry anymore – at least not for anything in that shop.

Flies – Risky Business

It’s not just cake shops that need to worry about the damage to their reputation from flies. Any business, of any size, isn’t going to look great to their potential customers if they have flies swarming around.

And it’s not a question of reputation. There are other things to be concerned about:

  • Possible spread of disease including salmonella and e.coli
  • Contaminated food, leading to staff or customer illness
  • General nuisance
  • Failure to comply with health legislation
  • Bites from fly some species

Getting rid of flies in your business

There are sprays, plug-in products and fly papers you can use for a light infestation. There are also practical day to day measures you can take to deter flies such as:

  • Fixing leaky taps & blocked drains to remove excess moisture that flies require to breed.
  • Keep food covered, even crumbs can attract flies to lay eggs nearby.
  • Get fly screens professionally fitted to windows and doors.
  • Ensure sinks, bins, preparation areas etc… are kept clean of organic debris that flies & maggots could feed on.

If however you have a more serious fly problem in your business, you will need to call in the experts.


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