Busy Busy Bee

SOSAt the end of each quarter, this is when the staff go into overdrive trying to get their SOS (it could be save our souls but it actually means state of service) up to date. This is no different for the FB team where we also have to get our inspections done for the quarter as well as carrying out a detailed and professional service (depending on their specific service programme) to our clients.

Our role as Field Biologists within the company has transmogrified (dunno where I got that word!) since I joined all those years ago. At present two of our team from the South and two from the North also have been seconded into a training team to help new starters within the company, this for 3 months.

With these two guys out of the equation in our area that means there is more work to do to ensure their patches are kept up to date; and I have been given one of the guys patch. Doing their inspections does not bother me as my patch was nearly completed before these two FBs left; however the fear of going into the unknown and saying to the client that you will be doing the inspection without knowing what to expect can be scary as well as exhilarating. I admit inspecting another colleagues patch makes you think a number of things: how good your patch is, how similar or not similar you carry out the inspection and last seeing different types of clients which you might not have seen on your patch.

honey_beeSo all in all being a busy, busy bee on another patch can be exhausting and emotional but can also be exciting and interesting, not that I would want to do this all the time though!

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