Carnivorous Robots Disguised as Home Furniture?

As the result of a visit to the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, James Auger and Jimmy Loizeauhave have developed an idea that has appalled some and fascinated others.

Apparently the first known design of its kind, the pair have developed the concept of home appliances feeding off matter to gain energy. What is different about this design however is the fact that in this case, ‘matter’ refers to insects and rodents.

These ‘carnivorous domestic entertainment robots’ have been on show at recent science exhibitions and have received mixed reactions. The most popular items include a clock that catches and feeds off flies, and a table that feeds off the energy of mice.

I am not sure how I personally feel about it all really. The idea that my clock is catching flies, and my dining table could be home to mice is not really something I feel comfortable with. I know we are very environmentally conscious and this is most definitely a way to save energy, but I am still not convinced. Will this be a fad or is it the way of the future? At this stage I am unsure.

Perhaps these robotic home furnishings could double as pest control appliances, that way at least you are making full use of the product. A clock is also far less likely to draw attention to the fact that you have a fly issue… maybe in time this idea could rub off on me, but at this stage I think I still definitely need more convincing.

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