Casual Intruders Living In The Sofa

stuffing your suitcase when going on holidayIts true what Colin said, you can never escape pest control – even when you’re on holiday. And this holiday tale didn’t happen to me – it happened to a Mummy friend of mine. (Thanks for the blog fodder though – you know who you are).

So, a family holiday had been planned, my friend, her husband and young daughter were going for a mid-week staycation (and I mean staycation as in they stayed in the UK rather than they stayed at home) at a well known UK pine-lodge based holiday resort. The first three days were amazing, so she told me… and then on the evening of day three it went a bit, well, wrong.

moleComing back to the chalet after dinner, she switched on the light to hear something scurry across the living room. She didn’t see what it was exactly, so her husband went to investigate and tracked the source of the noise to the sofa  and quickly over-turned it. He’s not He-Man or anything, it was just fairly light. To their disgust they found what looked like a well-established nest, and a very scared looking mole promptly evacuated the premises through their open front door.

Good housekeeping = good pest control tooNow aside from the obvious issue of poor cleaning (you’d have thought housekeeping would have noticed), the fact that the little girls cot was inches off the ground and therefore could have been in contact with said creature is what concerned my friend more.

So off they went to Reception to demand assistance. The comment from the young and rather bored looking young man went along the lines of: “You’ll have to wait till the morning when my manager gets in”. Further questioning elicited the same response so they did what any concerned parent would; they packed up and left in the middle of the night.

Now casual intruder pest problems are hard to plan for with respect to pest control (e.g. wasps, spiders, and our friend Mr Mole in this story), but the response from the Duty Manager was clearly unacceptable. Several verbal and written exchanges later and I can inform you that they did receive a full refund, mainly because of the poor service offered by the young Duty Manager in question.

Can you imagine what would happen if we provided such poor service? Your businesses and homes would be over-run with pests!

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