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Ghost ants and deaths head cockroaches

Rats, mice, bats and even the eternally popular arachnids (spiders) are always used as scary creatures

Mythical ‘flant’ (flying ant) day

Ants, ants everywhere… crawling, climbing, spilling out of pavements and most definitely flying! Reports from locations across the

Ant bites, insect stings – the signs of summer

The  familiar Ouch! from a wasp sting or an insect bite is a clear indication that

When black garden ants go from nuisance to pest

I’m never quite sure where the ‘black’ or the ’garden’ elements relate to Lasius niger. In our

Newly discovered ‘bone-house’ wasp uses dead ants to deter predators

Researchers have discovered a species of spider eating wasp that has taken the unusual step of

Black Garden Ants party on the banks of the Thames

As we got off the train with wicker picnic basket and rugs in hand I was