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Ghost ants and deaths head cockroaches

Rats, mice, bats and even the eternally popular arachnids (spiders) are always used as scary creatures

Incy wincy spiders climbed up the spout…

…and under the door, through the conservatory skylight and probably in through the gaps around the

A spidery surprise for Halloween

Carving the pumpkins for “All Hallows’ Eve” has been a ritual in our household since before

So, when you discover Incy Wincy is actually a false widow spider…

  … drop your curds and whey, but don’t panic. It’s similarity to the notorious black

Spiders In the Sky

At first it appears that there are thousands of spiders floating in the sky, then a

Incy Wincy Spider…..

I’m not usually scared of spiders; however the one I found in the bath the other