Wasps Archive

Inebriated wasps – a sign of autumn

Summer has swiftly slid into autumn – crisp mornings with heavy dew on the grass, hedgerows

Ant bites, insect stings – the signs of summer

The  familiar Ouch! from a wasp sting or an insect bite is a clear indication that

Wasp or Bee, what’s buzzing in my conservatory

All of a sudden I hear the low drone of buzzing, somewhere above my head and below the

Newly discovered ‘bone-house’ wasp uses dead ants to deter predators

Researchers have discovered a species of spider eating wasp that has taken the unusual step of

England is the Wasp Capital of the UK

Happy St George’s Day! I heard an interesting fact on the radio on the way into

Winter Wasps

It’s almost December and on a daily basis I am still evicting live wasps from my