CEO Alan Brown On Lycra, Spiders And His Vintage Invicta

So here is the follow-on to the interview with Alan Brown, Rentokil Initial’s CEO.

alan-brown-invicta-cropDJ: There was an interview in the press recently about your love of motor sports. Is your interest as a spectator or a participant? And do you prefer two or four wheels?
AB: I love old cars. In fact I have two, a 1931 Invicta vintage (the picture here is with my daughter Anneka) and a 1972 Porsche. One day I may start racing, but for now I just go to festivals In fact I went to the Goodwood Revival Weekend not so long ago. I also love two wheels, both cycling and motorbikes (I ride my brother-in-laws Motto Guzzi when I visit him in Wisconsin). Most people know that I cycle from home to Victoria station, catch the Gatwick express from there and then cycle from Gatwick to the office.

CM: Leathers or lycra?
AB: Lycra, it’s far sexier!

15_brown_ratDJ: We all have one, mine is wasps. What is your earliest ‘pest’ memory?
Well I was born and raised on a pig farm and I can remember it vividly. I was 3 years old and there was a large rat cornered in the kitchen, I was terrified. My mum called in the Handyman who arrived bearing a hatchet. You can imagine my terror. Not only did it decapitate the rat, but it made significant damage to the floor as well!

urban foxesDJ: Share with us your most recent, funniest pest control moment or story; perhaps you know a Pest Control joke?
I’m afraid I don’t know any pest control jokes, and you already know my rat story! My most recent contact with a pest was the fox that crept out of the basement of my London home (which is currently undergoing major building work). Urban foxes are a big problem. Also, the rats I see on a daily basis on the underground on the tracks, it’s amazing they survive.

red_knee_tarantulaDJ: If you were a pest which would you be and why?
(Thinks a while…) I would be a spider because I like getting my tentacles into everything. That and weaving a web…

rugby matches at school DJ: Please tell us one thing that people do not know about you!
I think I have already told you quite a lot… How about the fact that I am not superstitious at all? Or that I played wing forward on the school rugby team in Ireland? I was lucky enough never to get injured during matches. But I did hurt my shoulder once coming off a motorbike.

With that, our time was up. I hope you have learnt a bit more about Alan Brown the man, rather than Alan Brown Chief Executive Officer of Rentokil Initial. I shall be making a point of finding more senior management team members to interview – so watch this space.

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