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Here at Rentokil, we too are concerned about climate change (see our effect of climate change on pests blog post). So when you read that some people are advocating entomophagy as a way to combat global warming (entomphagy as in eating insects, as opposed to unintentional entomophagy where you kind of do it by accident!), we wondered how restaurants might incorporate insects into a tasty and ecologically responsible menu. Yummy.

We came up with the menu below, and our (hypothetically of course!) favourite recipes are highlighted in red. It appears to be surprisingly easy to incorporate insects into a variety of regional cuisines, doesn’t it? Well, easy, but a bit odd. Anyway, bon appétit!

Rentokil edible bug menu yummy

NB: As a final note, we should point out that the maps on the menu are there to illustrate the regional cuisine that inspired the dish. They’re not meant to imply that all of the people living there actually eat those dishes. Though they could… if they wanted to.

For more edible insects, check these sites out: LazyboneEdible UniqueEdible.comThailand Unique ~ The edible fossils in sedimentary rock recipe is here, just add your favourite/most readily available creepy crawlie.

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