Christmas party crunch – with edible insects

scorpion lolliesNow the manic ‘Black Friday’ Christmas present shopping frenzy has subsided, it really does feel like Christmas is on its way. The next panic on the list is sure to be the turkey dinner, mince pies and mulled wine – not to mention the Christmas parties! But what can you do to add something “different” to the usual gatherings of family and friends over the festive season? Well, here is an idea that might just get people talking – edible insects! OK maybe not quite on the same scales as certain celebrities stuck in the Australian jungle have been tucking into but there are some delicious insects treats that can be found in High Street stores.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, over 2 billion people worldwide already supplement their diet with insects. High in protein, B vitamins and minerals like zinc and iron and low in fat, they are a healthy option too! So here are a few tasty recipes that have graced our award-winning #pestaurant events this year, if you fancy getting friends and family to try Entomophagy (the official word for insect eating).  The recipes have kindly been provided by previous contestants from the Great British Bake Off and would make intriguing eating for those brave enough to give them a go.  The recipe card pdfs for you to print off (with the ingredients that you will need) and videos to create all 3 recipes are below.

Ruth Clemens Early Bird Breakfast Pie

Glenn Cosby Chocolate Cupcakes with Cricket Peanut Brittle

Holly Bell Black Forest Floor Brownie

You could even pair your insect laden treats with a recommended wine? Laithwaite’s have prepared the first ever tasting notes matching wine with edible insects such as Pestaurant favourites – mealworms, giant waterbugs and locusts.

To round things off why not tempt your guests with a few after dinner games – insect style of course! There is now a wide selection of edible insect eating games available, such as Bush Grubs Bush Tucker Trial Challenge to help entertain guests, long after the mince flies (sorry pies) have gone. A little bit of Entomophagy is sure to make any Christmas party go with a crunch!


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