Christmas Pests

Christmas presentsHave you ever thought about all the pests that are given the chance to enter your home over the Christmas period? While it is a time for us to give presents and celebrate with family and friends, pests worldwide are celebrating too.  Let me tell you why…

1. As Christmas approaches, decorations are reprieved from attics and basements. What we don’t often realise is the pests could have made a cosy box of tinsel could their home or a family of mice may have nested inside the soft folds of a stocking. By bringing the box down into the house, we are inviting the mice to share our warm comfortable home. This is how the havoc begins…

House mouse2. The amount of Christmas paper we use over this period is crazy! And although many people choose to reuse the paper, I am not as environmentally conscious. I screw it up in bundles worth and shove as much of it as I can into the bin; then the remainder sits next to the bin in a plastic bag or box. What happens next? A wondering rodent spots what looks like ideal nesting material. Breaks into the bag, shreds it up and carries on its merry way. Eeeek. We have just helped a rodent make a lovely comfortable bed and created one heck of a mess.

3. Excess food supply makes for one heck of a pest feast. Christmas is renowned for its huge meals and, as a result, the leftovers. Whether these left overs are on the bench, in the rubbish, or in a series of crumbs on the ground – we are attracting the wrong type of Christmas visitors. Providing pests, especially rodents, with a readily available food source is encouraging them to stick around. While not making food available to pests at Christmas is a hard task, it is important we make every effort to restrict any potential access.

4.  To top off both the problem of the excess food and paper, over the Christmas period we have irregular rubbish collections. When old food begins to smell and old rubbish sits around for days, not only can this be a health and safety issue but we are also encouraging pests.

5. Finally after all the rushing around Christmas always brings, people go on holiday. This allows all the pests that have entered your home over the Christmas period to roam free undetected. Pests breed very quickly and even after just a week you could find the problem has become significantly worse.

No one wants an uninvited Christmas guest, I know I sure don’t. At home in New Zealand rodents aren’t such a problem over the festive period, as we are celebrating in the sun. Here in the UK it is a different story. Let’s enjoy a winter Christmas with family and friends and keep the pests away! We don’t want to scare Santa with a mouse peeping out of a stocking!

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