A Cockroach View of the World…

Take the Cockroach Tour at the Science Museum

Photography by Superflex

Whilst humans have been busy modifying their external world through discoveries and inventions, cockroaches have been quietly living in their company and observing their traits. Or at least that is the view of the Cockroach Tour at the Science Museum, which is being supported by Rentokil. Great fun dressing up as cockroaches and scampering around the museum galleries and some amusing, quirky, and sometimes thought provoking facts along the way.

Why are human so obsessed with time – spending huge amounts of effort and energy developing more and more accurate methods of measuring it?

Why is travel, and speed of travel so important to humans and having so many different modes of travel?

Why are humans so obsessed with burning things and blowing things up, even at the expense of their own lives?

Cockroaches certainly have some interesting features – they breathe through valved openings on the sides of their body, they can live for up to a month without their head, and under the correct conditions they can fly!

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