Cockroaches Rock

Cockroaches rock

I love this video I discovered on YouTube featuring two Madagascan cockroaches playing their miniature guitar and saxophone. As the cockroaches strum their tiny instruments they sing about how they are visiting town as part of an exhibition, and although the locals have been friendly they are homesick and miss the warmth of Madagascar. Who can blame them?

The film was created as part of a viral marketing campaign in 2007 by Toronto Zoo to promote Bugzibitz II, an event starring the Madagascan cockroaches.

Madagascan cockroaches make interesting pets and aren’t germ-ridden pests like American, German or Oriental roaches. Madagascan cockroaches are unusual in that they communicate by hissing. This is achieved by expelling air through a pair of modified abdominal spiracles. Pass them a guitar and they may play you a tune. Check out their highly entertaining video – these guys can rock!

Cockroaches Rock

In another great video by Toronto Zoo created earlier this year to promote their endangered African penguins I think I learned why pigeons make such a mess in their nests. Check out this very funny animation:

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