Coffee Culture, Flies & Me

Another changed experience for me is grabbing a quick coffee. Not that I drink coffee, I prefer hot chocolate, but you know what I mean. 

That buzzing noise of a fly being electrocuted above my head never used to worry me prior to working for Rentokil. However, I now know that it means thousands of microscopic dead fly particles are being blown about. Not only are they being being blown around in the air above my head, but also potentially on or near the drinks and cakes I am (was) about to enjoy. If I must go somewhere with a zapper fly unit, rather than an encapsulation or glue board fly control unit, I always pick a seat as far away from it as I can, that or I sit next to a draughty window or the door. 

Who would have thought that trapping flies in cling film (an over simplified non-technical description of an encapsulation fly control unit as part of our Distilled brainstorm when putting together the blog) would be such a good idea?

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