Convenience Foods For Rats and Foxes

The magic rubbish bins in EdinburghMany of us enjoy a takeaway and there’s nothing more convenient than a fast food outlet on your street. Some of us unwittingly may have opened a pest takeaway service for nocturnal customers such as Mr Fox and Mrs Rat. With their super sensitive noses, rats and foxes can sniff out a chicken carcass half a street away, even through a bin liner. With their sharp teeth and claws the packaging is easily torn, the bounty plundered in seconds and the evidence strewn across the pavement. The guilty party has often gone underground within minutes.

During daylight hours the city street recycling service arrives – The Feral Pigeons. One of the unfortunate downsides of The Feral Pigeon recycling service is the speed of the service – in one end and out of the other.

Pests populate areas where there are food sources. If the food source is plenty, pests such as cockroaches, pigeons, mice and rats can rapidly breed and lead to an infestation. In cities poor rubbish management has been attributed to an increase in urban foxes, rodent and pigeons.

Place rubbish into the chuteIt was therefore enlightening to observe a new means of refuge collection at the apartments I recently stayed at in the Fountain’s Court area of Edinburgh. Rubbish is placed in a steel chute, the chute is closed and like magic the rubbish vanishes. This method of waste removal was convenient and stress free; no black bin liners and no odorous, overstuffed, wheelie bins waiting for a fortnightly reprisal. Clearly, rubbish disposal had been considered at planning stage but with foresight and good management the right people can takeaway your rubbish, not the opportunist Mr Fox and Mrs Rat looking for a sly midnight snack.

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