Create An Ant Trap

Ants like sugarIf you’ve ever suffered an ant invasion it’s most likely that ants have found a food source. When an ant finds something tasty in your home, such as that bag of sugar that split over the counter, it will lay a pheromone (scent) trail back to the nest. This allows the fellow worker ants to hotfoot it back along the trail and loot the rest of the spoils; which is why suddenly you get an ant invasion.

Some worker ants will high-five the other ants by tapping antennae’s and sharing their goodies. Other ants will want a share of the booty themselves and will dash back down the pheromone trail to grab what they can.

Ants can be carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous, but in a lot of species their favourite food is honeydew. The sugary substance is milked from those annoying plant-destroying Aphids.

If you are unsure how ants are getting into your home try these tips.

Make A Trap For Ants

  • It’s easy to lure ants to sugar. Make a trap by adding a couple of teaspoons of sugar to 240ml water. Moisten a few paper towels or cloths and set in spots where you may have spotted ants. Leave overnight and check first thing in the morning. If they are crawling repeat until no more ants are left.
  • Squirt areas you think ants might be coming in from with equal part of white wine vinegar and water.
  • Put down double-sided sticky tape in possible areas of access to trap them.

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