Creature In My Christmas Tree

Is there a creature in your christmas tree?Further to Danusia’s Real Tree or Fake Tree blog I have always preferred a true tree though a coniferous caper last year almost swayed my decision towards purchasing faux pine this year.

Last year I ordered a tree from the internet. I selected Scots Pine for its heady pine fragrance, pretty cones and all-round good Christmas spirit and checked the box for the biggest tree available. A few days later an articulated lorry stopped outside my home. Stretched along the back lay a 16 foot tree. The driver hopped out. He looked at my cottage, at the tree, at my cottage and back at the tree.  I ran inside to find a saw.

After some severe pruning to the tree, which had created another christmas tree, it took three of us to carry the giant brute of a spruce into the house. I dashed to the garden center to source an enormous pot in which to secure the tree. I also brought some sand and pebbles to place in the pot which was the size of  a small paddling pool. If the tree had toppled over it would have taken out half the room.

The only way I could decorate the monster tree was by using a pole standing on top of a six foot ladder. But at last the tree was installed and didn’t wobble when tugged. I was hopeful it wouldn’t fall over. Later that night we went out to a Christmas party and left my mother-in-law to babysit. She brought over a heap of ironing and settled down to watch television.

Apparently the screams could be heard down the road. It wasn’t just a christmas tree I ordered from internet. A Pipestrelle bat flew from the tree and flapped around the room before vanishing. The next day I found the bat hanging upside down from the sofa then it flew off and I haven’t seen it since. there are a lot of bats in my area. They roost in the church belfry a few yards away, and I like to think that the local bats took the Scottish tourist under their wings (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

This year’s tree has been up two weeks and is not so much a case of evergreen, more of a case of shedding green needles all over the carpet. So far I’ve not sighted an insect or spider, and I’ve not even heard the squeak of a bat or mouse.

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