Damp, Damp, Damp

It is damp in the rainAnd I am not referring to the weather or the stock market. No matter what context you use the word ‘damp’ in, it never seems to be positive.

I continue to be amazed by the homes featured on the TV series Help! My House is Falling Down, the latest featuring a house in Brighton. Who buys a property nowadays without getting a structural survey done? To save money perhaps, but in the long run it actually ends up costing you more, as the couple on this programme found out.

Maybe I am far too risk averse for my own good, but really a house is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so surely it is in your best interests to look after it and make sure it is in tip top condition, especially before you invest in one.

So, if a wall feels damp to touch, would you not be concerned and maybe Image of effect of rising dampcall in an expert for help and advice??? When you start to strip wall paper and all the plaster comes down with it, would you not think that something was wrong? These are pretty clear signs of a damp problem. The house on the programme had a serious case of rising damp!

Did you know that if you leave rising damp untreated, it could lead to serious mould problems? And that if you live in a house with mould, you are therefore breathing in the mould spores it could lead to allergic reactions and respiratory problems? It definitely pays to tackle damp problems head on!

Wisteria plants often scale exterior wallsWe had a damp survey done on our house and discovered a rising damp problem at the front corner of the house in our living room. We knew the cause straight away. Sadly, it was the lovely wisteria growing on the front of the house which fortunately had not been attacked by wisteria scale pest. Unfortunately as the wisteria grew it started to damage the ceramic/ clay pipe, which ran the water away from the house from the down pipe. Together with the moss which was starting to block up the down pipe, it meant water was starting to overflow the pipe and led to our damp problem. My husband’s reaction = to dig out the wisteria. My reaction = sadness, because I loved that wisteria – it looked great on our house. But it was the right decision. We have no damp now.

So, my advice to you is:  first sign of dampness, get some professional advice on the best course of action!

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