deBugged And Hence Rentokil Joins The Twitter Revolution

jump for joySo I finally did it. Did tweet number two yesterday on Twitter using Rentokil. Bearing in mind the amount of action Rentokil and Libya were getting on Twitter regarding the huge pest control contract – it seemed like good timing.

Tweet number one back in February was simply “The experts in pest control” and was our way of grabbing the brand name before any imposter (!) did. Also, it bought us some time having placeholder text before we discussed and agreed a strategy on how we should actually be using Twitter.

Having spoken with our SEO Manager, I find that I am far more cautious than he. For example, although some people could find this Twitter update pointing at Posterous funny, others may not and so Rentokil sardonically tweeting “Hey, we have those in our offices!” or “Maybe you should call out pest control!” could (I think) have caused a backlash. Is irony/humour transmitted well in Twitter – don’t know yet.

Weird that I am happy to discuss all of this in a blog post and yet not directly on Twitter. I think its because a blog post allows the writer to, well…  explain themselves a little more; whereas Twitter is just so, well… quick. But then that’s the benefit of Twitter vs. a blog post I suppose.

rpc_rgbI am also very aware that Rentokil is a particularly strong brand name (as is Rentokil Initial according to the Reputation Institute Global Pulse Study – it came 31st in the UK) so I don’t want to damage our reputation in any way by producing content that is too controversial!

Anyway, the main idea at the moment I suppose is to deliver blog post titles (and apparently this can be automated – I will find out how soon!) as well as other snippets of useful pest fact info. Plus I will also have to get my head round replying to any questions/comments. I have no idea how long it will take to monitor the Twittersphere now that we are in it (there is a great HubSpot blog post about monitoring your brand/company reputation, will add in link when I can find it  done!), so its yet another steep learning curve for me. I hope you’ll allow me to make a few tweet mistakes along the way.

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