Did You Know Mice Gamble In Casinos

This week I had to work late nights in a casino. And no I didn’t spend any money while I was there – I was working!

casinoThis one in particular opens at 12pm and closes at about 6am. So I turned up there about 1am-ish and worked in sectioned off areas and started off by doing patrols every 45 minutes to make sure members of the public didn’t see any mice. Someone had reported seeing one, so I was just there to check. Didn’t see any while I was there the first night, maybe they just didn’t want to gamble that night.

We do out-of-hours  jobs like this when our customer requests it since all of our commercial customers are different, so we do tailor our service for them.

We also have a night Technician who works 4 nights a week – unsociable hours mind you. He has his own patch of clients and deals with customers who will only allow Technicians on-site between the hours of 11pm and 7am. If you think about it, some places like supermarkets that are open in the day may not want customers seeing pest control technicians walking across the shop floor.

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