Did You Know Textile Pests Are Associated With Pigeons?

The link between pigeons and textile pestsReading the bird control blog post got me thinking… Not wishing to kick the good old Pigeon whilst its down, but other more subtle risks associated with Pigeons and other pest birds, is the fact that they are the major source of most Textile Pests and Stored Product Insects.

Insects in the textile category include, amongst others, can include The Varied Carpet Beetle and The Common Clothes Moth and both can be responsible for the damage to several thousands of pounds worth of carpets and clothes in many of my customers houses. In my working area, of West and North West London, just my call outs alone, show a 300% increase of these pests in peoples homes, since last year!

The textile pests life cycle is egg to larvae to Adult; Moth or Beetle. The adults do not cause the damage, the culprit for that is the larval stage. The Larvae feed off Keratin, a substance found in high volume within all Natural Fabrics such as wools, furs, cashmeres and even animal feathers and hair. Hence the blame aimed at pest birds. The larvae will decimate an area of fabric in a short time. So next time you feed the poor little birds think ahead as you may be much poorer yourself after paying to repair fabrics and then have to book a treatment after damge is done.

textile pests can munch your carpetsMoth Balls and Cedar Woods are fine to an extent. However they have 2 draw backs:

  1. It deters the insects somewhat but does not erradicate the problem. You may have moth balls in the wardrobe, but you are forcing them out onto your woolen carpets or even your antique tapestries, etc.
  2. It does not take many moth balls to make you beautiful house smell like a museum. Are you willing to cover every corner of your carpet with them?

Good advice is always available from a professional pest control company and treatments are available both chemical and Non Toxic. The best advice however would be to check your wardrobes regular and inspect all carpet edges.

If you see any of the following evidence, get a professional surveyor in to evaluate the situation imediately. It could save you a lot of money and heartache in the long term.

  • Small moths: buff gold in colour
  • Larvae: White and thin if Clothes Moth and tiny hairy larvae (Carpet Beetles)
  • Bare hessian showing through the carpet pile
  • Pin hole type damage in clothing and or a webbing like residue on clothes

Not forgetting the reason for this post, the good old pest birds. Early warning signs are seeing nesting birds or birds  roosting on or nearby your house….you are at high risk of textile pests. If it is of assistance to you, the main postcodes with large levels of activity in my area are NW8, W9 and NW1.

Check these links for further guidance or if in doubt call us out (its a free survey).

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