Do Mice Enjoy A Nice Pint Down The Pub?

Picture the scene, your husband’s youth football have just won their cup final. The lads are celebrating (with lemonade – much to their disgust!) in a pub garden and as team manager, hubby is giving an anecdotal yet amusing “review of the season” speech to the assembled boys, friends and family.

46_house_mouseOut the corner of your eye you spot movement and then all of a sudden you see a mouse. A tiny little thing scurrying from what appears to be the direction of the open back door of the pub – a door which is right next to the kitchen. At the time, I had to give them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the mouse had only taken a quick look inside to check out the decor and decided it didn’t fancy the place after all… I mean, the alternative was to consider that I had just eaten my dinner there and a mouse had got into the kitchen whilst my food was being cooked and…

Mice or rats can, and do, get into buildings in the summer when doors are left wide open, in pubs as well as homes up and down the country. Its what you do next that makes the difference. If its a one-off sighting then just check for evidence (droppings) and if you don’t see any maybe it was just a flying scurrying visit. If, however, you start to see droppings then you can either deal with the problem yourself or call in the professionals.

15_brown_ratJust as an aside, since I know that rat bait boxes should be sited along wall floor junctions, the one I recently saw at a well know baby shop attached to a random tree in their car park is really of no use at all. Just as well it’s a competitors box and not ours I suppose, I had to laugh!

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