Do we really need more cockroaches?

Fun with the cockroach robot!A few years back, on a trip to Dubai, I found a robot cockroach in one of the curiosity shops. These rather simple and slightly loud oversized roaches walk around and react to clapping or touch with a change in their walk direction.

I found this a rather funny present for my pest control colleagues, but never expected more to come out of this invention. However, recently I have stumbled across a webpage that sells an upgrade to the robot roach. The new cockroach can be navigated with your iPad or iPhone. It is suggested to use this to scare your family and colleagues.

I am marveled by the technology behind this, but then again, do we really need more cockroaches than we already have? And automated?

I think a useful upgrade would have been a robot traitor roach would locate real cockroaches by smell. It would then sneak into the cockroach hideouts, like cracks and crevices, and place some gel baits there. The Rentokil-Robot-Roach would surely be a bestseller and useful addition for difficult to reach locations.

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