Scary Looking Pest Control Equipment

rentokil hotel locationI saw a story whilst doing a pest control news story hunt recently and it make me chuckle at first. A bank had been closed and the bomb squad called in to investigate a suspicious looking package – which turned out to be a piece of pest control equipment. And then I thought a little more seriously about it…

Our technicians use:

  • caulking guns
  • mist-ers (I stand corrected, just spoke to a colleague, and its called a fogger)
  • face masks (respirator)
  • gloves and overalls
  • 5L sprayers with a lance (not quite a sword then!)
  • something called a DR5 – which is similar to the liquid sprayer except it sprays a dust

spest control sprayerPerhaps pest control equipment can look scary to people who don’t know what is being done to a premises. DIY pest control products recommend caution when using them, so its only right that we allow our technicians the same courtesy when using professional pest control products day in day out.

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