Dry Rot problem solved at Welsh Primary school

cwm school dry rot damageDuring recent renovation work at the Cwm Primary School in Swansea, South Wales it was noticed that one of the main structural timber support trusses was badly damaged. The schools major concern was the Health & Safety of the it’s children, and turned to Rentokil Property Care to investigate the problem and provide an effective solution that would prevent any further damage to the roof.

Local Rentokil Property Care surveyor Huw Jones carried out a thorough survey inspection and swiftly identified the problem as Dry rot (Serpula lacrymans). This had severely affected the bearing ends of the beams, as a result of moisture ingress over time.

cwm school timber resin splice treatment for dry rotRentokil’s cost effective solution was a combination of protective treatment and sensitive repair. Any evidence of the Dry Rot fungi (mycelium) was removed from the timbers, and a localised fungicide treatment was completed to help prevent any further infestations developing.  Repairs were sensitively carried out to the tie beam and associated rafter. This was done by forming slots in the parent beam and using a Timber Resin Splice (TRS) with structural bars and epoxy resin. Prior to the Timber Resin Splice sections installation, the end grain of the original timbers were treated.

Belinda Helme, Local Property Care Branch Manager, commented: ”The use of a Timber Resin Splice allowed us to repair the damage that the Dry Rot had caused, at a cost effective price for the school.”

This was a considerable benefit, as the only other viable, alternative to the Resin Timber Splice would have been to replace the entire roof truss. This would have resulted in a great deal of additional cost and time in replacing these timbers. Cwm school now also benefits from a Rentokil Property Care 30 year guarantee, which means the school has peace of mind that the completed work is guaranteed for the foreseeable future.

If you are concerned you may have a Rot problem in your property, here are some signs of rot to check:

close up dry rot damageSigns of Dry Rot

  • Distinct mushroom smell
  • White fungal growth with yellow and lilac tinges
  • Deep cracks appear within the wood
  • Both soft and hardwoods can be damaged

main_wet-rot-image-coniophora-spSigns of Wet Rot

  • Distortion, discolouration, softness and cracking in wood
  • Loss of strength to the timber
  • Visible fungal growth (may sometimes occur)
  • Smell – there may be a damp musty smell

Following a professional diagnosis of the type of rot, Rentokil Property Care can tailor a solution to treat and protect your property from further Wet or Dry Rot damage.

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