England is the Wasp Capital of the UK

Wasp nest building commences in springHappy St George’s Day! I heard an interesting fact on the radio on the way into work this morning. Over 80% of the population of the UK lives in England. And where there are large concentrations of people, the pests are never far behind. Take a look at our wasp map here which illustrates a clear correlation between urban areas and wasp numbers. It is no surprise that with a population of over 8.1 million London has the highest number of wasps in the country.

UKWaspWatch maps wasp sightingsIn spring wasps are busy nest building and raising the young wasps, but then in late summer they turn their attention to scavenging and can be very persistent. Humans provide nest building materials such as fencing and newspapers and food. A litter bin offers rich pickings and a gourmet buffet for a wasp. A few drops of fizzy drink at the bottom of a can or the crust of a jam donut are rich pickings and far easier than chasing smaller insects for supper.

In contrast, Scotland barely has a handful of wasps. The cooler climate and later spring hinders the wasp population so nests are less likely to grow to some some of the gigantic sizes spotted in the south.

With the exceptions of a few hotspots around Newcastle and Middlesborough the stinging insects rarely venture much further than York so if you’re looking to take a summer holiday free from stinging insects Scotland looks a safe bet. They do on the other hand have midges.

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