Facelifts Are Hard Work

(Pest control website) facelifts are hard workI don’t mean in the sense of nose jobs etc, but am referring to the new facelift for the homepage of Rentokil Ireland. I recently discovered that projects to change a website’s homepage involve many different departments, a great deal of organisation, co-operation, and, as always, time!

The homepage re-design project was all started off to make it more customer-friendly by highlighting topical and seasonal pests and pest problems to our online visitors as well as to give the site a fresher and more modern look and feel! This sounds quite straightforward on the surface, and it is really, but when you drill down into all the little details, you realise how dependent you have to be on other people’s skills, expertise and time to make this all happen just as you planned.

Then, of course, in terms of content and choice of terms and keywords I have to bear in mind the knock-on effect on SEO (my constant battle!), not just how the page will look to our online visitors.

Pest control is full of variety, not just because of the very seasonal nature of pests, but also in terms of the innovative pest control products and services regularly coming on to the market. This new homepage will certainly help us to highlight all up-to-date news about pests and pest control to our customers.

Hope you all enjoy the new look! Comments welcome.

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