Five Toys Rentokil Would Have Ruined

5 toys Rentokil would have ruinedIf it ain’t broke… don’t fix it so the saying goes, as we continue with our next installment of our “5 things Rentokil would have ruined” blog post series.

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Did you have this experience over the festive break? That time of year to buy toys for the children you love most. There’s nothing like seeing the joy that shines out of their eyes. Except the look of horror that comes across parents’ faces when they see that loud, spinning, flashing toy doesn’t have an OFF button. And believe me, as a mother I pulled that face a couple of times too!

There are some toys, however, that are just too ugly, creepy or bug-like. These are the toys that Rentokil would have ruined… What did we miss out from this list??

1. Furby :

Furby is the electronic toy that ‘learns’ to speak and ‘develops’ a personality as you interact with it. You can’t turn it off, and underneath all that fur lurks what basically is Terminator’s pet.

furby - Liz@rt - Flickr Furby 2 - neon mamacita - Flickr

2. Trolls :

Trolls - mygothlaundry - FlickrThese creepy dust collectors first became a fad in the 1960’s, the again in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. And if you think Noughtie’s children are too hip to be sucked in, just check out this updated version (you need to have the latest version of Flash to view the site).

3. Remote controlled tarantulas :

remote controll tarantula - left-hand - FlickrYeah, yeah, it’s an obvious addition, and it is pretty cool, but c’mon… It’s a giant spider. There’s no way it wasn’t going on the list.

4. Mouse Trap – MB Toys :

giant mouse trap - marymactavish - FlickrIf it took us

a) half an hour to set up our equipment – or possibly longer for an actual/full size version (see right) – followed by
b) a roll of the dice to try to catch a pest,
we’d probably be out of a job.

5. Glow-in-the-dark bugs :

Glow-in-the-Dark Scorpion - Vermin Inc - FlickrGiant rubbery, squishy bugs are freaky enough on their own. But giant rubbery, squishy bugs that glow in the dark? Eww.

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