Flies – the facts infographic

flies-full-static-infographic (3)The monthly outlook from the BBC Weather office is predicting more warm bright weather, at least for the south east of the country.  Whilst we continue to enjoy this unusual summer ‘heat’ and make the most of ideal BBQ and garden party weather, it is also a time for flies to thrive!

Unfortunately for us, wherever there may be uncovered food, flies are never far behind.

By highlighting some key facts about flies, our infographic aims to reinforce the importance of fly prevention to avoid a serious infestation and the risk of food contamination such as E.coli and salmonella.


Little known facts about flies


  • They can multiply quickly and complete a full life cycle in only 10 days
  • They are known to spread multiple diseases, not just salmonella, but also dysentery
  • A single female can lay up to 600 eggs in a lifetime.


Stay safe from flies this summer!


For more information and helpful tips on preventing flies, take a look at our short infographic video: http://bit.ly/1kJcrHh


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