Flies & Summer Go Hand In Hand For Rentokil

Flies, flies, flies. That’s all you hear about during the Summer when you work at Rentokil (well, flies, wasps, ants and various other bugs – but mostly flies). Actually, when you work in an office (not ours, obviously!), that buzzing noise above your head when a fly is stuck in the lighting can get so frustrating. To combat this fly season, Rentokil has recently launched its new Luminos fly control range.

Most units on the market use UV lamps to attract the flies – it seduces them far better than “normal” light. So what’s so great about our units? Allow me to summarise the best bits below, but for more specific details on our fly killers and testing criteria click here.

Luminos_SapphireLuminos Sapphire: This is brand new to the range. It’s basically billed as a discreet unit which can be used front of house. To be honest, I don’t think you would spot it as a fly control unit if you were sitting enjoying your meal in a restaurant, it looks more like a funky light with a patterned shade.

Luminos 1: This has been updated so it can be serviced without tools which makes servicing on site much faster = less disruption for our customers – and their customers.

Luminos 3: New to the range, it has a high quality glue board to up the ante in terms of catching flies with a front cover that is available in different colours to fit well with the décor.

Luminos 3 Plus: This uses technology that automatically winds on a super sticky adhesive film (called “encapsulation technology”) to show a new clean surface, hiding all the old, trapped insects. An optional glueboard helps to increase catch rates.

Luminos 4: This is the heavy duty “nothing’s gonna get past this sucker” industrial unit. The adhesive film now sits behind the lamps, catching all and sundry flying pests that approach it and it is one of the best performing units we have!

For more info, a demo or a quote, click here.

    Luminos1    luminos3    Luminos4

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