Giant Rats On Lost Land Of The Volcano

Mudmen putting on a show in Papua New GuineaWe always follow with interest stories about pests in the news, pests on TV/radio, etc. So here is an idea for Colin for a new program he can watch.

It is called: The Lost Land of the Volcano and starts on BBC1 tonight. The episode to watch for those particulary interested in rats is due to be shown on September 22nd.

And why? Well, it appears that a new species of rat has been discovered – a giant rat if you like. It was found in the Mount Bosavi crater in Papua New Guinea by the BBC team filming the series. It has yet to be given a scientific name, but is currently known as the osavi woolly rat.

George (“The One Show”) McGavin, a Research Associate at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and The Department of Zoology of Oxford University told CNN:

“It’s hard to be sure exactly how many new species we have found, but it is more than 30. To find new species of insects in this region isn’t uncommon, but we found sixteen new frog species, one new bat species and at least three new fish, and this giant bloody rat — the size of a cat. Amazing!”

However, a rat found earlier this Summer in Madagascar, appears to be even bigger. What should we call that one then, a super-enormous-giant-rat?

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